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Benefits of the Harvey Max Trapper

by Louise de Nysschen August 02, 2015

(Image: The real Harvey Max, seen here with the factory owner, on a visit to view his hats in the final stages of production)

The trapper is one of our favourite must have winter items.

Your little boy will love it for multiple reasons. It is:

1) Ultra comfortable: This trapper has the true shape and cut. This is the real mcCoy.  

2) Soft: It moulds to a little head yet keeps great form.

3) Durable: The outer shell is made of long-lasting fabric which will support many days of outdoor play.  

4) Versatile: On a warm winters day, the earflaps can be clipped and the front peak unclipped for sun protection or on a gloomy and windy day the earflaps can be down and the peak up.

5) Warm: The inner is made of an oh-so-warm sherpa fleece.

6) Trendy: The original design is complimented by classic colours, brass studs and a genuine leather HM label. 

One thing is for sure, this little trapper is like no other trapper in town!

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Louise de Nysschen
Louise de Nysschen

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